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Get to Know Screw and Nut Driven Technology

Screw and nut driven lifts have transformed lifts in terms of installation, use and maintenance. Despite being a less well-known system compared to hydraulic lifts or traction lifts, they are at the forefront of smaller projects as they consume less budget, time, and space.

By understanding the lifting work platform, you can quickly and efficiently maintain it, saving you money, space, and time. If you are planning to buy an elevator for a commercial, private, or public building, our team at Skelevatoria can help you decide the best type of lift for your needs.

A screw and nut driven lift is one of the simplest mobility systems. This system is gaining popularity in the global arena due to its simplicity in terms of cost, maintenance requirements, size, and easy maintenance. And at Skelevatoria, you can get that simplicity because our lifts are screw and nut driven.

The main components of a lift with a screw system (screw and nut driven) are:

– motorcycle

– threaded steel rod (“screw”)

– large driving nut (“nut”)

– electricity

Because the components are not heavy, an elevator with this system does not need an engine room (MRL) and does not require oil, providing more space for you. There is no need to dismantle or compromise the foundation of the house.

A lift with a screw and nut system is incredibly simple. The lift car (or platform) is attached to the drive nut. When a control button is pressed in the lift, the motor turns the drive nut in the corresponding direction.

When the motor turns the drive nut one way, the lift car goes up. When the motor turns the nut the other way, it goes down.

And that’s how it works!

If you want to see more information about this technology, you can directly contact us at 082292242224.

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