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How Does a Platform Lift Work

The secret is a safe and reliable screw drive system


In general, there are several ways a platform lift works. Aritco has selected a well-proven and reliable screw drive system to drive the lift up and down. The main components of the screw drive lift are:

– motorcycle

– threaded steel rod (“screw”)

– large driving nut (“nut”)

– electricity

This system allows Aritco lifts to be installed easily without holes or engine rooms so that they can fit into a house or building plan without interfering with the design or without requiring a foundation mortar. This makes the lift safe and reliable.


The screw drive lift is very simple. In the Aritco thread drive system, the screw post runs the length of the shaft, while the motor on the platform drives the nut attached to the screw. Motor and nut are fixed to the platform wall. When the lift is operated, the motor moves the nut to rotate around the screw. When the motor rotates the one-way drive nut, the lifting platform rises. When the motor turns the nut in the other direction, it will shut off.


The simplicity of the mechanism means that it is easy to maintain and service. Usually screw drive lifts are relatively inexpensive initially and can last a lifetime. Automatic lubrication ensures smooth motion with minimal wear. This reduces the need for maintenance and allows Aritco to offer a 10 year warranty.


The screw drive lift is very safe. If the motor comes to a stop, the lift is basically over the threads so it can’t fall off or perform the classic ‘dead road’ situations associated with the lift in movies. The drive system also makes the lift move quietly and smoothly with smooth starts and stops.

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