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Facts to Elevate Your Lift Knowledge

The existence of elevators has changed the world we live in – and will continue to shape our future.

With the elevator, we can easily move from one floor to another. Not only in large buildings but now also installed in houses with various purposes. It will not be surprising if someday It will not be surprising if one day the elevator can take passengers into space

As the authorized distributor of Aritco Home Lift, one of the fastest elevator manufacturers in the world, Skelevatoria will continue to be part of the growing elevator story.

Our main message is ‘The Next Level Living’ and our lifts will continue to help people to easily access mobility anytime and anywhere


We believe the lift is one engineering feat to celebrate. So, here are some facts about lift you need to know

– Today, upstairs residences are the pinnacle of luxury, with city penthouses often being the most coveted residences in a building. But did you know that in ancient times, the higher you lived in a building the lower your social status? This is because at that time there was no lift, so you had to use stairs. It wasn’t until the 1920’s that life upstairs really took off

– People who think taking the elevator can make them sick. This is because doctors are worried about the sudden shutdown, which deliberately causes blockage of the internal organs

– The world’s fastest elevator is at the Shanghai Tower in China. Besides, this lift has also achieved other lift records, including the tallest lift in a building and the fastest double-deck lift. Its speed reaches 20.5 m per second.

– Statistically, taking the elevator is the safest way to move from one floor to another

– Taking the elevator is twenty times safer on an escalator.

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