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Add Value to Your Home with Home Elevator from Skelevatoria

Having a comfortable home is definitely everyone’s dream. Many things can be done to create a comfortable and safe home environment. One of them is to use a home elevator. What is a home elevator and why can it add value to your home?

About Home Elevator

Home elevator is an elevator that is usually installed in homes. This tool used to be synonymous with luxury homes. But along with the development of technology, home elevators are now easier to reach by anyone. The types of elevators that are now easily accessible are vacuum and pneumatic elevators.

This tool will make it easier for you to reach the floors in the house. If your house consists of more than one floor then a home elevator will be one item that is worth considering.

Home Elevator Type

Be sure to choose the type of elevator that best suits the needs and conditions of your home. Here are 3 types of home elevators that you can use.

1. Hydraulic Elevator

This type is used for homes with a fairly large room. This elevator also requires a machine room that supports the elevator in order to work. It is recommended that you use this lift if it was installed before the house was built so that it can be adjusted to the needs of the space.

2. Elevator Traction

The next type of elevator is the traction elevator which does not take up too much space. It’s just that you need to provide a wide enough space at the top of the lift. The space will be used to place the propulsion engine. However, when compared to hydraulic elevators, this type of elevator is more space efficient. This elevator will work up and down according to the existing track and does not require a wide engine room.

3. Pneumatic Elevator

The last type of elevator is the pneumatic elevator which is the newest type. This elevator is made of polycarbonate tube and there are two tubes, namely the outer tube and the inner tube which are both separate. The tube diameter is about 37 inches and there is no need to provide a separate engine bay. This type of elevator is very suitable for use in homes that do not have too much space. You also don’t need to do large-scale renovations because the installation is relatively simple and can be done in a narrow place.

Benefits of Elevators for Your Home

The use of a home elevator is considered very good to add value to your residence. This is due to the many benefits as well as the advantages that you can feel as a home owner. Here are some of the benefits of using a home elevator.

1. Ease of Access

Home elevators will definitely help you get access to every part of the house. Especially if your house is quite spacious and consists of several floors. The home elevator will make it very easy for you to go to the second floor, third floor, and so on. The use of this home elevator is prioritized for homes inhabited by people with special needs. Those who cannot climb stairs can be greatly facilitated by the presence of a home elevator. The elderly and children will also have easier access to all parts of the house thanks to this elevator.

2. Save Time and Energy

As long as there is a home elevator, you no longer need to take the stairs. You can save time and energy when you are in a hurry. Activities at home also become more fun because you can take the elevator. Home elevators will add value to your home. As a resident, you will feel more comfortable because you don’t have to be tired of going up and down stairs. You can also do various household chores in a short time because you don’t have time to go up and down stairs.

3. Beautify the House

Home elevators will also help make your home look more beautiful. Especially now that home elevator designs and colors vary widely. You can get a beautiful and modern home with this tool in your home. A beautiful house will certainly provide comfort for its residents. Facilitating your home with a home elevator will be the right choice. Not only very useful but also can beautify the contents of the house. Adjust the use of home elevators to the needs of you and your family at home. Make sure the home elevator you choose is in accordance with your needs and can make you more comfortable at home.

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