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One of the things about an Aritco lift is that it’s easy to install, thanks to Aritco’s unique platform-lift technology. For the Aritco HomeLift, we have prepared a checklist so homeowners you know exactly what to do. Everything is carefully planned to make the installation process as smooth and easy as possible. Our Aritco-certified installers do the work to ensure that the installation is of the highest quality.

Usually it takes a maximum of four days to install a lift, and many times it goes even faster. As a result, installing an Aritco platform lift generally costs 70 percent less than installing a conventional lift.


Installation can be carried out at almost all properties without the need for any major site preparations. Our lift technology is incorporated into the back wall of the lift and by using a self-supporting lift shaft. Your site is minimally affected because Aritco lifts are incredibly space efficient – no more space is needed than what the elevator itself requires. Other lifts require space and remodeling for both an engine room and a lift shaft.

Since Aritco elevators for homes and public, and commercial spaces require less space than other lifts, homeowners, architects and builders have much more freedom about where to place the lift. It can be placed in any open space, with minimal impact on the premises, as long as it can be attached to a wall or equivalent. An Aritco HomeLift can also either be placed directly on the floor with a ramp or installed in a 37 mm pit. A cutout between floors is required.

Aritco’s design and screw-and-nut technology also means that Aritco’s lifts are not required to follow the Lift Directive regulations that other lifts must. Instead, they follow the Machinery Directive and European legal requirements. This makes it easier for Aritco’s lifts to adapt to local construction standards.

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