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5 Surprising Facts About Home Lift

Home lift, often misunderstood as simple floor-to-floor transportation devices, have evolved into sophisticated and customizable appliances. Beyond their basic functionality, there are several fascinating aspects that many people are unaware of. In this article, we’ll explore five things you probably did not know about home lifts that might change your perspective on these essential additions to modern living spaces.

1. Home Lift Can Be Stunning

Gone are the days of plain metal boxes. Today’s home lifts are a fusion of functionality and aesthetics. Take, for instance, the Aritco HomeLift from Skelevator, a collaboration with renowned designer Alexander Lervik. This award-winning lift boasts customizable features, stunning glass shafts, and doors, turning it into a piece of art that serves as a focal point in home décor.

2. Home Lift Are Safe

In comparison to staircases, lifts offer a higher level of safety. Aritco lift by Skelevator are equipped with sensors ensuring doors are clear before operation, making them particularly safe for families with young children. This safety feature has led to their use in schools and other child-populated areas.

3. Home Lift Are Quiet

While noisy elevators may be a concern our Aritco lift designed specifically for home environments, prioritize quiet operation. Utilizing a patented screw and nut mechanism, these lifts smoothly and quietly ascend and descend, ensuring a peaceful living space, even during nighttime.

4. Home Lift Are Easy to Install in Existing Home

Contrary to the misconception that installing a lift requires extensive renovations, platform lifts, can be easily integrated into existing homes with minimal adaptation requirements. This makes it feasible to add a lift to specific areas without sacrificing much space.

5. Lifts Are Affordable

In the past, residential elevators were considered a luxury for the wealthy. However, advancements in technology and market growth have made lifts more affordable. Opting for an Aritco lift from Skelevator during the construction of a new home can even be more cost-effective than building multiple flights of stairs. Additionally, it serves as a long-term investment, future-proofing the home against mobility challenges.

Home lifts are not just functional; they are aesthetically pleasing, safe, quiet, easy to install, and more affordable than ever. Whether you are considering adding a lift to your existing home or incorporating one into your new construction, the benefits extend beyond mere convenience. Elevate your living experience with a home lift that combines style and functionality seamlessly. Visit our website at to explore the diverse range of home lifts and discover the transformative possibilities they offer for modern living.

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