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While some may view home lifts exclusively as accessibility equipment, there are plenty of reasons for everyone to consider getting one.


Platform lifts are essential for those of us living with special needs, but there are many good reasons for anyone to consider equipping their home with a lift. Here are some of the most common ones.


Let us start with the easy one. Naturally, a home lift provides a comfortable alternative to taking the stairs in a multilevel house. Whether you are just elevating yourself a few floors or bringing along heavy luggage after a long trip, there are plenty of days when a couple of laps on the elevator rather than a struggle up and down the stairs will feel like a lifesaver.


You may not need a residential elevator today, but if you intend to live in your home well into your golden years, there is a good chance you will need one sooner or later. Father Time still boasts an undefeated record, and whether he brings us deteriorated motor skills or just greater levels of fatigue, we will all at some point feel our strength take a hit.

Equipping your home with a lift today will prepare you for whatever comes tomorrow, ensuring that you can enjoy your home to the fullest for much longer.


There are a number of ways in which a home lift increases your safety. We mentioned heavy luggage earlier, for instance. When it comes to accidents in stairs, one of the leading causes is trying to carry too much or too heavy while walking up or down them, especially while in a hurry. A residential elevator will eliminate this risk.

Furthermore, all Aritco lifts are designed with safety in mind. They can never run without the door being fully closed and a button being pushed during the entire ride. Features that are especially helpful with young and eagerly playful children around the house.


Even if you are not planning to stay in it forever, equipping the new house you are building with a home lift is a smart move for the future. Multifloored houses that include a lift rather than just stairs frequently pitch higher selling prices. Not just that, but they vastly expand the pool of potential buyers as well as they now become a viable option for those with special needs and the elderly.

Simply put, a home lift will allow you to sell to more people at a higher price once that day comes.


Few people immediately thing of aesthetics as a reason to buy a home lift since residential elevators for a long time have been standardized and – quite frankly – ugly machines that have just been created to take people from point A to point B.

With an Aritco HomeLift, however, the aesthetic possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Choose a color scheme that fits your interior design, transparent walls that let natural light flow through, a beautiful DesignWall, exclusive flooring, and much more. Whatever your style may be, you can create the perfect lift to elevate your home interior to new heights.

Many clients are so happy with the design of their Aritco lift that they always keep it on the floor they are at even when they do not need it – simply to enjoy the aesthetics of it!


Do you feel inspired to design your own beautiful home lift? Feel free  to contact our sales team for advice at 081211312224 or play around in our LiftGuide and create something that will fit your home ‚Äì whoever you are and whatever your needs may be.

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