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Things to Consider Regarding Home Elevator Prices

“Can I have a pricelist of this lift?”

“For a 3-storey house, how much does the elevator cost?”

“Why does that lift only cost 400 million rupiah while this lift is 500 million rupiah?”

Like other custom-made products, a home lift from the same brand may have different or even different prices. This is usually influenced by various factors, such as the size of the lift, number of floors, lift materials, accessories, and so on. To choose a home lift that suits your budget and needs, here are a few things to consider.

Home Lift Quality

Just like cars, home elevators are divided into 3 classes (according to quality): high quality, medium quality and low quality. The quality of each class is influenced by the work system, the quality of the materials used, the technology, the performance,

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