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The Solution of Today’s Elderly Mobility

‘Aging’ is a condition that will be experienced by everyone. Those who experience this will slowly become more and more limited in carrying out daily activities and in meeting their needs independently. For this reason, in order to support the activities of the elderly, a good mobility solution is needed for them.

Good mobility is very important for psychological health, well-being and a better quality of life for everyone, especially the elderly. However, the current mobility challenge is the condition of the Covid-19 pandemic which forces everyone to limit themselves to mobility with many people outside the home. So, like it or not, the safest mobility that can be done is only within the scope of your own home.

One solution that can be done to support the daily mobility of the elderly is to install a home lift in homes that have more than 1 floor. Home lift is today’s mobility technology that is being developed in various countries in the world. The existence of a home lift allows the elderly to still have optimal mobility. In addition, they are also free to carry out activities from one floor to another without experiencing difficulties, as experienced by Mr. I, a retired government from Bogor City.

To enjoy his old age, Mr. I chose the Aritco HomeLift Access series elevator from Skelevatoria to support mobility in his 2-storey house.

‘I’ve been working for decades, climbing stairs here and there. This pumpung I have retired, I installed an elevator at home, so I don’t have to go up and down stairs. I want it to be easy and not tired when I have to go up and down hahaha..‚Äù

However, even though there are several home lift brands in Indonesia, Mr. I chose Aritco lift from Skelevatoria because it is sturdy and has European standard safety.

‘Yes, there are many other brands, yes, but Aritco is already well-known, its safety standards are European…originally Swedish. The elevator is also sturdy.. what is clear is that I want to feel safe when I go to the second floor, or when I go down to the 1st floor‚Äù

Mr. I felt that the Aritco HomeLift Access series elevator was the right choice. He hopes that the existence of this elevator will be useful for the rest of his family

‘It’s really comfortable for me to install this, later if I have to carry things, or carry my grandchildren, so I don’t have to be tired of going up and down. It wasn’t just me who was facilitated, the other families would also feel less tired.’

As felt by Mr. I, the existence of a home lift is indeed important because it can provide many practical functions, such as facilitating the mobility of each individual to access all rooms by climbing or descending the stairs of the house without having to feel sick and spend extra effort. Moreover, the current trend of housing tends to be vertical, to deal with limited land and high land prices, the Aritco Home Lift from Skelevatoria is the best solution.

If you are interested and have the desire to install a lift at home, you can contact us at 082292242224. Our team is ready to serve you

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