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Sustainable All the Way

As of today, as much as 95 percent of the material used in our lifts, Aritco Home Lifts, is recyclable. This is a great achievement, but our target is 100%.

Using sheet metal, aluminum, glass and as little plastic as possible allows Aritco to recycle almost all the materials that are needed to manufacture the lifts. The only nonrecyclable parts are the electrical cable system and the battery. “Battery technology is fast-moving, and we move with it,” says Petra Lind, Product Manager at Aritco. “And I expect us to be using recyclable batteries in the not-too-distant future.”

Aritco’s quest for maximum recyclability and sustainability is shown at every stage of the design process. “We have to have an open mind when it comes to changing designs, and sometimes technology, in order to find more eco-friendly solutions,” she says. “Today, all our lights are LED, rather than fluorescent. This has the added benefit of our lifts becoming more energy efficient, and this is something we are really proud of.”

Besides the goal of 100% recyclability, Aritco is looking at overall sustainability. “Sustainability means more to us than just being able to recycle,” Petra says. “It’s about taking responsibility for everything that happens before we start the actual manufacturing process, and what happens thereafter. Whenever possible, we source our materials locally, in order to reduce our CO2 footprint. We constantly strive to improve our production methods, as well as how we transport our lifts to our customers in other parts of the world.”

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