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Safety for the Whole Family

Aritco Homelift is designed with safety in mind for children.

Some of the most common questions people ask when they want to install an elevator at home are security questions. They want to be reassured that their lift is safe in all situations at home, especially with children in the house. That’s why safety in every detail of the elevator is always our main focus.


So how do we ensure that Aritco HomeLift buyers will feel safe? Many of our customers have children and we know that children will play in and or around lifts. Therefore, we implemented a series of features and functions in our SmartSafety system, which offers immediate assurance and makes the lift feel safe for the whole family.

One of them is having a smart door that can stop if the elevator senses something is blocking it. Then the other is child lock to prevent children from operating the lift unattended.


Home lifts are not like lifts in commercial buildings where there are technicians on hand at all times if something happens. If there is a problem with the homelift, then help will not come instantly. That’s why our lifts have batteries that provide backup power in case of a power outage. The battery also has a feature that prevents the battery from draining when power is lost. You can also make emergency calls from Aritco HomeLift.

And then there’s the screw and nut drive system itself, which is both proven and safe. All these things together make our lifts suitable for people’s lifestyles and of course safe for the whole family

If you have the desire to install an elevator at home, you can contact us at 082292242224

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