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Install Elevator at Home, New Trend for Luxury Residential

Home Elevator Type

The existence of a home lift today can be regarded as a means of support for residents of the house. Not only for those who are elderly or children. Even for adults, the existence of this luxury home lift will greatly help their mobility. The trend of elevators in the house seems to be very developed in Indonesia. Do you want to install it too?

Home Elevator Type

1. Hydraulic

Before installing an elevator at home, it’s a good idea to know the types of lifts themselves so that they can be adjusted to your needs. Broadly speaking, the home elevator has several parts. First is hydraulics. This type of elevator usually requires a fairly large space in your home. In addition, to install it at home, there must be an engine room to install the various machines and equipment used to run the elevator. So, if you are installing an elevator while building a house, this one is the best choice because you can design the engine room while building it.

2. Traction Elevator

The second type of lift that you can install is a traction elevator or also known as machine room less or MRL. As the name implies, this elevator does not require a separate engine room. The way it works is also somewhat different from a hydraulic lift. The way it works is by moving up and down on the tracks that are already available. Although it looks more compact than a hydraulic lift, in reality installing this lift at home still requires a large space. The large space is useful for placing the driving machine.

3. Pneumatic Elevator

The last type is the pneumatic elevator. This type is the latest type of home lift. It is made of a giant polycarbonate tube with a separate inner tube from the outer tube. For diameter, this savings is 37 inches in diameter and can be installed without having to build a separate engine room. This makes this one elevator very appropriate for homes that do not have too much space. In addition, the installation of this one elevator also does not require major renovations to dig under and others. It is the best choice for those of you who want to install a home lift in a concise way that doesn’t take long.

Then, what is the price to pay for this home lift?

If you ask about the price, the life of this house is of course priced at a different price. First, you have to consider the type of home lift you need. Next, consider size, style, and function. Lastly, the possible installation costs vary depending on where the home lift is installed. The price can be as high as this if you do a major renovation and choose a luxurious elevator. Although it is quite expensive, when viewed in terms of benefits, the existence of this home lift is very helpful, especially for the mobility of its residents. So, how about you, are you interested in building a home lift too? Indeed, the cost you have to pay to build this is fairly large. However, it feels worth the benefits. Moreover, the existence of an elevator in this house can also increase the selling value of your home in the future!

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