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was viewed as a luxury. Now, there are more lift alternatives available on the market than ever, and families across the globe are installing lifts to increase their everyday comfort and future-proof their homes.

Facts behind the rising home lift trend:


Today, domestic lifts have become a lifestyle choice for increased everyday comfort and freedom.

People care more and more about luxury and comfort in their homes, but there is also a growing trend of people who want to stay independent and grow old in their homes. Adding a lift to your house offers you both independence and peace of mind. It offers you the freedom to use all the floors of your house, eliminating the need for remodeling your home so that you have all vital functions on the ground floor. Having a lift at home offers you the freedom to continue to live in the house that you love, for as long as you want, regardless of your age or physical ability.


The home lift has undergone a great change in recent years. Today’s lifts look a lot more modern, and some even have very innovative designs.

Previously, lifts were mainly designed to transport people from one floor to another, but this has changed over time. Today, comfort and design are the main focus areas when designing a new lift. A good example of this is our Aritco HomeLift, which features intuitive function and timeless Scandinavian design.

Architects think that lift solutions are increasingly important, and when they design a house, they take great care in selecting the lift that best fits the interior. Today, home lifts can be a very attractive architectural feature. The modern design and the many design and color options available make it possible for residential lifts to enhance your interior design.


The range of lifts for the home has grown considerably in recent years. There are different types of stair lifts, platform lifts, cabin lifts, and shaftless through-the-floor lifts. Not only do these lifts differ greatly in design, but they also fulfill different user needs and come at different prices. So there is something for almost every budget and need, and this is a factor that contributes greatly to the growing trend.


Whereas the use of lifts in public buildings has decreased due to the many lockdowns, and the fact that people have been avoiding the use of public lifts as part of their efforts to reduce the spread of the virus, the interest in domestic lifts has been growing at the same pace as the increasing trend of working from home.

People have recently been forced to spend more time at home than they are used to. This has made everyday comfort and easy access to all floors increasingly important for more people. Why should we all invest in the most modern kitchens, comfortable furniture, and the latest technology, but not offer ourselves the ultimate comfort of having a lift at home?


In many countries, house prices are going through the roof, and there is a shortage in the housing market. It is becoming increasingly difficult to buy a new house, and people are looking at alternative options to improve their current homes. Instead of moving to a one-story bungalow or a house where the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are all on the ground floor, people have started to look for smarter alternatives. Installing a lift in your house is a very cost-efficient solution compared to remodeling your entire house or buying a new one.


A few years ago, when someone was talking about getting a lift for their home, you probably immediately thought of a stairlift. Most people simply did not know that other affordable alternatives existed or that it was possible to fit a more attractive lift solution in their homes. Because there are more and more suppliers of platform and cabin lifts with attractive designs, architects have started using lifts as an integral part of their interior design schemes too. That is why we see more and more lifts installed in all kinds of homes, from luxury villas to more modest houses and townhouses. The awareness of home lifts is definitely increasing, and this is also reflected in the growing number of internet searches for “Home lift”.

Are you ready to be part of a new trend that will make your home accessible, comfortable, and future-proof? Or are you just interested in one of our lift models because you love the design? We provide a wide range of home lift solutions, and our lift specialists are very experienced. So, if you are looking to install a lift in your home, we are happy to offer you the advice you need to find the lift that best suits your situation.

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