Hubungi Kami

from Scandinavia with L(OVE)ifts

A lot of times, people install lifts out of necessity, either because of lack of mobility or for public buildings because regulations require it. Our goal as an elevator provider is to change that thinking!

Skelevatoria wants homeowners and architects to want to install lifts because there is a need and extraordinary design, which can add beauty to a space in some way. It is an honor for us to provide an elevator that suits your design needs and tastes!

It can be said that the world of elevators does not yet have design as the main point, especially with platform lifts. But Scandinavian design is a great start, in part because of its simplicity and its relationship to your needs!

Scandinavian Design is Versatile

Scandinavian design works well over time, which we think is due to its simplicity. Sometimes out of date for a while, but then back on trend again because Scandinavia is a simple, timeless international style that lasts. This is especially important in a home, office or public building environment that will be around for decades.

The simplicity of the Scandinavian design makes the ift from Skelevatoria blend perfectly in all different styles or home designs. If you install it into a classic, modern, minimalist building, we guarantee, the results will be spectacular. Mobility needs are met, design conformity is certain.

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