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The Aritco HomeLift is designed to be seen and admired.

Most home lifts are installed for purely functional reasons and tucked away somewhere where they won’t be seen. When we created the Aritco HomeLift, we turned that thinking inside-out. The Aritco HomeLift is designed to be seen and admired like a work of art or a beautiful piece of furniture.

There are, of course, a lot of different architectural styles and even more interior design choices. So to make our lift concept work, we needed to create opportunities to customize our lifts. One obvious way is with glass walls. These allow people to look into and out of the lift, like a window instead of something that obstructs the sight lines of the interior.

People can also choose different colors for paneling to fit into an existing color scheme. We’re especially proud of our design wall. You can choose between different photographs and artworks. Even more flexibility may be added soon.

Floors are important as well. We work with Bolon, a well-known Swedish designer of flooring. They have some that look like carpet but are actually plastic. These work well when there is a lot of traffic.

Light is also very important because it’s a way to make additional adjustments based on lifestyle or activities. Owners can choose between different types of lighting in the ceiling, in the corners – even in the shaft. The lighting can be controlled from your smartphone so that you can dim the lights or change the color, just like you would in a room, depending on the occasion. You might want the lighting to be one way for every day and some other way for a party or a romantic dinner.

Finally, there are practical details. How many floors? How large does it need to be? Which side should the door be on? Which way should it open? Every lift is unique and built for the place it will be installed.

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