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The idea of installing a home lift often seems like a distant dream for those dwelling in multifloored homes without such provisions. The weariness of ascending and descending stairs, especially when laden with belongings, is an experience shared by both young and old. However, the notion of retrofitting a lift into a home not originally designed for it may seem daunting. Is it a feasible endeavor? In many cases, the answer is a resounding yes. Here’s why.


Not all lifts are created equal. Traditional cabin lifts, commonly found in residential buildings and skyscrapers, demand considerable space for operation. Requiring a machine room above and a deep pit below, they can be cumbersome additions to a home environment. A more practical alternative is the platform lift, exemplified by the Aritco HomeLift.

Aritco home lifts are of the platform variety, operating with a patented screw and nut mechanism, eliminating the need for cables. These lifts not only require less vertical space for installation but are also quieter than their conventional counterparts. The sleek design of Aritco HomeLifts makes them a perfect fit for any home, blending seamlessly with the living space.


Concerns about installation often deter homeowners from pursuing the addition of a lift. The fear of major adjustments and potential damage to the house is a valid consideration. However, platform lifts, such as Aritco HomeLifts, alleviate these concerns.

Due to their operational design, platform lifts are relatively easy to install, requiring minimal modifications to the home. Creating a passage through the floors for a shaft is often the most substantial alteration needed. Furthermore, the installation time is significantly reduced, with most Aritco home lifts being installed in a maximum of four days. This efficiency translates to cost savings, making the installation of an Aritco platform lift approximately 70% cheaper than that of a traditional elevator.


One of the foremost questions on homeowners’ minds is the space a residential elevator would occupy within a room. Aritco HomeLift addresses this concern with careful design and optimization. The lift, which can seamlessly connect the basement, living room, and bedroom across multiple floors, occupies a footprint no larger than that of a wardrobe in each room.

The thoughtfully crafted design, including the sleek shaft and doors, ensures that the Aritco HomeLift not only fits into any space but also complements the existing aesthetic. Homeowners can explore various designs using the LiftGuide, allowing customization to match individual styles through the augmented reality feature.

In conclusion, the installation of a home lift is not just a practical addition but an enhancement to the overall living experience. Aritco HomeLifts offer a perfect solution for those seeking a seamless integration of convenience and style into their homes. For those interested in learning more about Aritco home lifts, visit the official website at or reach out via WhatsApp at 081211312224.

If you have specific questions about fitting a lift into your home, our team is ready to provide the answers you need. Elevate your living space with Aritco HomeLifts, making the dream of a home lift a reality for any home.

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