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5 Surprising Features You Didn’t Know About Home Lift

Home lift have revolutionized accessibility, proving to be compact, versatile, and straightforward. Beyond their basic functionality, here are six hidden aspects that make home lift an excellent choice:

1. Universal Adaptability 

Home lifts are the Swiss Army knives of vertical transportation. Their technology, structure, and adherence to regulations make them incredibly versatile. Whether installed indoors or outdoors, transporting passengers or goods, these lifts offer accessibility solutions while eliminating manual handling. The flexibility extends to floor protection using ramps and various fixing points on stairs or the floor. Governed by the machinery directive rather than the lift directive, platform lifts can be commissioned and regulated in diverse ways.

2. Maximizing Space

Say goodbye to concerns about sacrificing substantial interior or exterior space for a lift. Home lift, requiring only the platform and shaft space, eliminate the need for additional elements like head fixing, machine rooms, pump box housing, or oil pits, like Aritco home lift by Skelevator demonstrates the efficiency of space utilization. With minimal pit and headroom requirements, these lifts can fit into a space as small as a cupboard.

3. Simplicity at its Core

Platform lifts thrive on simplicity. Aritco lifts by Skelevator, for instance, employ a large threaded bar, motor, and nut for platform movement. This straightforward design facilitates a quick 5-7 day installation and ensures low lifetime maintenance costs. The absence of belts or hydraulic systems reduces the risk of breakdowns..

4. Environmentally Conscious Operation

Concerned about the carbon footprint? home lift from Skelevator alleviate those worries by using less energy than a kettle to run. Crafted from materials that are 95% recyclable, these lifts contribute to sustainability efforts.

5. Weather-Resistant External Lifts

External platform lifts come with extra protection features. Skelevator addresses the challenges of outdoor installations by offering canopies, ventilation, protective coatings on machine parts, and optional heating. These features shield the lift from harsh weather conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability even in the face of the elements.

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